Tasting at Ramsey Solutions in Franklin, TN

Today has been the best day of my journey. As most of you know Dave Ramsey allowed me to have a sauce tasting back in 2003 for the 90 employees he had at the time. I had sold 1000 qts of the sauce and paid off $7500 worth of debt off in the course of 6 weeks. At this point in time, I knew that I needed to get this “love in a container” in a jar!! After all this time, I contacted Dave personally and asked if I could do another tasting for the 950 employees he has to this day. He said “Yes” and today is the day it all happened. Such an amazing response from the employees and EVERY person loved the sauce!! I’m so grateful to Dave and his staff for welcoming me back to Ramsey Solutions. If you are struggling with managing your finances, be sure to phone Dave and ask him for so amazing advise. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the course of many years. He taught me how to get out of debt, how to do something I love and get paid for it and how to constantly give, honor God with your finances and God will use you as a vessel that He can pour through. My Mom and Dad taught me that, but Dave really instilled that back when I worked with him. God is so good. If you have a passion that you want to see come to fruition, you step out on the waters and God WILL MEET YOU!! God does not answer prayer, yet He answers FAITH in prayers. Have the faith the size of a mustard seed and you watch God move on your behalf!! Be encouraged “Gravy Lovers”. Pray and obey and watch God pour out an abundance over your life. Love to all and have a very Merry Christmas!!

Cathy Paliotta

RI Sauce Boss takes the "Gravy" into markets nationwide!
On August 4, 2020 Cucina di Catherina’s Traditional Italian “Gravy” made it on the shelf at a local market in North Providence, RI. Shore’s Market is located at 1590 Mineral Spring Ave. and Catherina was honored to be accepted on their shelf. This was the beginning of many more markets to come. Within two weeks Catherina was able to get in another 6 markets in RI. Both Shore’s Market located in Cranston and North Providence, Stamp Egg Farm and Pleasant View Orchards located in Smithfield, RI. Confreda Greenhouse & Market located in Cranston, RI and Brigido’s Fresh Market in North Smithfield and Scituate, RI. As time went on, Cathy was known as “The RI Sauce Boss”. Catherina decided to take this amazing “Gravy” on the road and started a tour down the East Coast. At the end of August Catherina shipped a pallet of 900 jars to TN, where she ended up selling it to her 9th market in Nashville, TN. Coco’s Italian Market located in West Nashville was very happy with the delicious taste of this amazing sauce and was eager to sell it at their Italian Market within their restaurant. The owner of Coco’s mentioned that he distributes to 90 other markets across TN and would like to distribute Catherina’s Gravy. Time went on and Catherina made her way to GA and sold it to three more stores. Two Biddies and Wisham Jellies in Tifton, GA. As well as Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store located right off of I75 in Ashburn, GA (EXCELLENT LOCATION). Catherina is so blessed to have had this adventure and will be taking the last 2 cases of sauce down to FL at the end of September. The plan is to meet with Publix and Food Lion. Please keep Catherina and her adventure in your prayers. Catherina’s goal is to be in every state by the end of the year. She would like to see families reconnect through eating this delicious sauce that Italian’s call “Sunday Gravy”. So many fond memories were made every Sunday as her Mom prepared this delicious sauce. Please be sure to follow Cathy as she takes this sauce to the next level!! #RISauceBossTour #CucinadiCatherina #EveryoneIsEatingIt #GodsGravy #Gravy #ItalianFood #LoveInAJar
Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4
Love In a Jar
Good afternoon Family & Friends,

Welcome to Cucina di Catherina’s website!!

We are so glad you are here!! I am excited to be on this new adventure with you all and I am so very thankful for your love and support.

Growing up in Rhode Island, the heart of every Sunday was gravy and meatballs. The amazing aroma coming from the kitchen on Birchwood Drive in Johnston, RI, was something one could never forget. Once the gravy was made, the meatballs had to be made. My Mom would let me help her roll the meatballs as we would talk, laugh and sing together. With Italian music playing and the amazing smell of garlic throughout the house it was a reminder of what family was all about not only to us, but to all the neighbors. To this day when I make my Mom’s gravy, I am reminded of those precious memories with my Mom Cheryl!! Today is her birthday and she still makes the best out there!! Happy Birthday Mom!!

With all that my Mom has taught me and having the privileged of working with Dave Ramsey in TN, I was inspired to move in the area of my passion for cooking Italian Pasta Sauce. Back in TN, Dave allowed me to hold a “sauce” aka “gravy” tasting at work. At the time, I had enlightened the pallets of many and am now finally birthing Paliotta Enterprises with a line of Italian Pasta Sauce called “Cucina Di Catherina Authentic Italian Gravy”!! It has been my passion for over 10 years and I am so thankful for it finally coming to pass. I want to thank my very dear friend Sean Donnelly from Rhode Island for creating this website for me. He is so very creative and he truly has inspired me to move forward with this delicious Italian pasta sauce. In just a few weeks all of my desires are unfolding.

I want to encourage you all to follow your dreams and surround yourself with people that encourage you to be all you were designed to be!! God has a purpose and a plan for your life. Don’t let anyone stop you!! The Lord wants to give you the desires of your heart, because He is actually the one who put them there.

More to come!! Hope you join me for the ride!!